About Us

Waldburg PR is a Munich-based integrated communications boutique, which specializes in luxury brands. We know from experience that a brand’s or product‘s “story“ can only be credibly conveyed on an ongoing basis via a made-to-measure communications concept which reaches far beyond the borders of the classic PR spectrum.

Our mission statement enforces our key values of servicing our clients in a personal, authentic and friendly manner, with full commitment and sense of responsibility. Only by fully understanding what makes a brand and the people behind it tick, can we strategically plan and creatively implement custom-made solutions.

It is our goal to constantly keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and challenges in and around the global travel and luxury markets, which enables us to always prepare for change and adapt in time.

We believe that our success is not entirely due to our expertise but also because we are passionate about our jobs, our clients and their stories, which we love to tell!

Senior Team

Caroline von Waldburg

Caroline is a communications expert who, through her extensive network and profound industry knowledge has turned Waldburg PR into one of the leading luxury travel and lifestyle PR companies in German speaking Europe. She has 15 years PR experience specialising exclusively in luxury travel, spa and hospitality brands. She has represented some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, most notably as the agency lead for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in the UK.

Before working in PR she was a television and newspaper journalist in Berlin for 6 years. She studied history at Oxford University and has lived and worked in London, Madrid, Berlin and Munich.

In 2010, Caroline founded Waldburg PR in Munich to bring her wealth of experience, connections and creativity to a carefully curated collection of like-minded brands and introduce a more personalised, high-impact approach to travel PR in the German markets. Caroline grew up in Germany and Australia, is married and has 3 children. She is highly energetic, a true networker and always full of ideas.

Caroline is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish.

Lena Tönnies

Lena has years of experience in PR, from both an agency and a corporate side. Her comprehensive training as a journalist adds to her many skills. Lena’s knowledge and experience equip her with an excellent understanding of the issues, needs and requirements of all stakeholders when it comes to the development and implementation of 360 degree PR strategies. Our team efforts are complemented by her expertise in the areas of luxury goods, beauty and fashion.

Lena is a "natural born traveler" and feels exactly in the right place at WALDBURG PR, injecting the office with her legendary Sagittarius optimism. Even in the busiest of times, she always remains optimistic, calm and focused.

Juliane Loretz

Thanks to having worked at one of the world’s finest hotel groups, her father being a travel and lifestyle journalist, Juliane has hospitality in her blood and an innate understanding of the industry. Following her apprenticeship and work at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group she gained valuable experience in PR and digital marketing. Through her no-nonsense and hands-on approach she has quickly become an invaluable member of the team. 

Thera Richardt

Thera is a creative mind that loves hotels and their stories. As soon as she comes across a longstanding employee of a hotel she will inquisitively ask for occurrences and anecdotes that portray the true character of the property.

Thera was a member of the High Potential Programme “Talents Community” of the University of Vienna. There she was responsible for the development and implementation of a social media strategy for international companies in various sectors. She studied history of art in Vienna and Lausanne and further developed her art expertise through various gallery work and an MBA in Paris. Her coolest skill though is being a certified ski instructor!  

Kika Mantzouridou

Kika has 20 years experience working in renowned PR agencies specializing on international premium and lifestyle brands in the areas of sports, fashion, lifestyle and beauty. She has been awarded several merit awards by former employers.

Kika is highly knowledgeable in these areas and unrivalled in terms diplomacy and structure. Furthermore she has a great talent of being able to abduct her dialogue partners into our paradisiacal travel destinations. Born in Greece, she often misses the sun – she is therefore over the moon when she can escape the winter months.

Kika is a yoga fanatic, which probably explains why she is always in balance with a permanent positive aura and a relaxed attitude towards life.

Anahita von Plotho

Anahita has worked in communication consulting, as a director of a New York art gallery, an art editor and advisor, as well as a business analyst for a publicly traded company before joining our team. She speaks four languages, loves to travel, is an avid reader of non-fiction books, thrives on caffeine and has a soft spot for Japanese food and the Tim Ferriss podcast.

Sofia Schmidberger

Sofia is our ray of sunshine who lights up any room she enters with her enthusiasm and her contagious laughter. She has always been a natural at languages and writing. This talent earned her a degree in English philology and is an enormous enrichment for our team. Ever since her internship at a renowned PR consultancy in London, she has become our walking dictionary. After writing an outstanding bachelor thesis on this topic, she knows the ins and outs of social media by heart.

Her strongest passion is music. Outside of work, you are most likely to find her playing music herself, or dancing in the front row of a vibrant concert.

Linn Offer

Linn is our Joker. She is creative, fast and precise. Maybe that is due to the fact that prior to joining our team, she worked for an international law firm. With energy, creativity and a genuine passion for writing, Linn has won multiple international awards for her essays and short stories. Such a writing talent would have been wasted at a law firm and thus perfectly fits into our team. She has become an invaluable member of the company, being responsible for day-to-day client management. In her free time Linn gets fit on a spinning bike, listening to the latest tunes.